Friday, September 9, 2011


Sunita D’Souza 
WADALA, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011: The GreenLine has set the ball rolling yet again this year.  After the first meeting with Fr. Savio Silveira and his team, our own team of environmentalists comprising the staff and the students, set about their task of achieving an Effective Waste Management Awareness. With an eye on the targets on hand– Waste Management, Energy Conservation and Water Conservation – Mrs. Padmini, Ms. Pavita and Ms. Sunita prepared an action plan, with a special emphasis on Waste Management, for the GreenLine project to take shape.
At a staff meeting, every staff member – teaching and non-teaching – were briefed about this action plan that would be covered in different stages.  The focus on ‘Zero Garbage’ first needed a Waste Audit - a study of the ‘total quantity of waste generated’ by our school.  To this end, each staff member was assigned a special responsibility and task to monitor the process.  The student leaders and students in every class too were prepared for this ‘hands-on job’ that was to be carried out with utmost discipline and sincerity. Together with the staff members, the students were allotted duties to be carried out in the respective areas of the school assigned to them.  They were to assist the teachers in segregating and weighing the garbage collected on a day-to-day basis.  And yes, they were to come prepared with their weighing machines, spring balances, gloves and masks!  
The school campus is abuzz with this engaging activity these days and it has proved to be a tremendous motivation towards a cleaner and greener environment.  We are confident that our efforts and the initiatives of the GreenLine team will not go in vain … for every cloud has a silver lining.

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