Saturday, September 17, 2011


Cl.Savio D’souza sdb
PUNE, SEPTEMBER 17, 2011: Goodbyes and farewells are something that no one ever wants to face. It's a part of the human experience that we encounter every day, sometimes nonchalantly, sometimes with great emotion. A similar feeling moved around at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Pune on the September 16, 2011 when our deacons Jason (INP), Royston (INP), Jesu, Rolvin, Rixson, Osborn and Cl. Charles were given a fare – well greeting as they prepare themselves for two important events: their final comprehensive exams and for the mission that lies ahead of them to be Holy Pastors.
The gusto of the community members during the community games in the evening , a meaningful Eucharistic Celebration and an entertaining get – together around the deacons added color with a bit of sing- song, dances , an appreciation note to the deacons for their contributions to the community and finally a word of gratitude from the deacon’s. Fr. Rector’s words of encouragement to the Deacons helped each of us to realize that every moment in our lives we need to come closer to Christ and need to grow in values more than success.
Well, call it fate or call it destiny, but most of the time, you do find those you have missed and it ultimately makes up for all the time you spent apart. Thus remember deacons that we only part to meet again…wishing you Christ.

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