Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ranald Lopez 
CHOTTAUDEPUR, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011: On September 8, 2011 twenty five trucks parked along our main entrance to fill up the sand from our riverbank which borders our property. There were two dozen of tractors for this operation of which we were not informed. On further investigation we were told that the portion of the river was leased out to traders to trade the sand elsewhere.

On the first day they were caught stealing the sand from the river portion of our compound after which we complained to the authorities. This huge undertaking is a huge loss to the river ecosystem and the water levels in the neighbourhood. The students also faced a risk of being run over by the constant movement of trucks parked in front of our gate and approach road. Repeated written complaints were made to the mamlatdar and this was also reported in the papers. The parents of the students met the government authorities regarding this serious problem who conveniently washed their hands saying that it had legal approval. We have succeeded in removing the trucks from our front entrance and on the road but the activity continues. We have also approached the collector of Baroda to intervene in this erroneous crime to the river habitat and hope that it will reach a sound solution.

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