Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Shelden and Joyston
 DIVYADAAN, SEPTEMBER 28, 2011: The grounds of Divyadaan and Salesian Training Institute, Nashik, were bubbling to life with football damaka that witnessed young boys of the various oratories to which our brothers cater to on Sundays. The youthful enthusiasm and vigour was noticed in the manner in which the boys displayed their skills and talents with the ball.
This event has drawn many poor and under privileged youngsters and provided them with a platform where they experienced, the gay of being together and playing foot ball.
The hundred and eighty youngsters who participated in the tournament cherished every moment of their play from dawn to dusk. From the very first moment where they all gathered for a prayer-service and a welcome speech by Fr. Nelson to the end in the evening with the prize distribution there was a constant remittent and zeal in the youngsters. There was also a continuous support which the teams received from the sidelines during and after the game – whether they won or they lost.
The finals were played between Godavari I and Kamgar Nagar. It was indeed a sight to see Kamgar Nagar till the end with 4-0 win. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Maulla Sayyad, the Commissioner for the Traffic Police Nasik who is his simple but yet profound speech won the hearts of all the boys. He also instructed the boys about the disadvantages of not following traffic rules and urged all the youngsters to treasure their life and be careful especially while using their vehicles. The chief guest was very well pleased by the work and approach of Don Bosco fathers and brothers for the poor youngsters through the various oratories.
Every boy left the ground happy and satisfied after enjoying a wonderful day.

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