Saturday, October 1, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, OCTOBER 1, 2011: A day’s journey with the Baker at Bosco Boys Home for the Marginalized students of MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development) will benefit them after they finish their three months training program. The students who come from different parts of Maharashtra are undergoing their training in Hotel Management with a special curriculum designed which is Restaurant Service and Housekeeping.
Chef John Patro a chef with great national and international experience led the students into a journey of baking. Many students were amazed as the chef said, “Today I will teach you to make milk bread, sweet bun and milk cookies.” Chef Patro spent nearly two and a half hours with the students explaining the ingredients and quantity required, how to make the dough, how to place them in the tray, how to heat the oven and the estimated time required for the products to be baked.   
Chef Patro asked few students to give him a helping hand which the students willing did. Every one got a chance to do something and they learnt that it was not an easy task to be a bakery chef. When all the three items were ready the students also got a chance to taste it. They all loved the milk cookies and appreciated the Chef Patro for teaching them. Some of the students said that this Diwali when they go back home they will teach their mothers how to make this cookies.
The students received some knowledge, the chef played his role, but if it wasn't the thinking of the Director Fr. Anthony Santarita this would not have happened. He says that this is going to benefit the students a lot even after they finish their course, the students can always put up a small business in bakery products from the villages they come from. With a loud voice all the students appreciated the Director saying;”Fr. Tussi Great Hoo".

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