Monday, October 3, 2011


Savio Silveira sdb

MATUNGA, OCTOBER 3, 2011: The first day of the 'Joy of Giving Week' saw a felicitation programme being held at Don Bosco Provincial House, to thank the doctors who had been instrumental in the successful kidney transplant for Fr. Lloyd Rodrigues. Present for the dinner were Dr. Allan Almeida, Dr. G. Prakash, Dr. Suchita Desai, Dr. Phul Chauhan and Mrs. Lumen Gonsalves. A number of Salesians from communities in Mumbai also took part in the felicitation.
 Speaking on the occasion, the Provincial Fr. Michael Fernandes expressed his gratitude to this highly specialized team of doctors who had spared no efforts to ensure a successful operation. "Happiness is found in giving," said Fr. Fernandes, "and you have selflessly given of your time and expertise to restore our confrere to good health." "You have literally given new life to Fr. Lloyd," added Fr. Fernandes.
Replying to the toast, Dr. Almeida pointed out that there were several similarities between the work of priests and doctors. "We are both healers," said Dr. Almeida "while we doctors heal the body, priests heal the soul".  Another similarity, he said, was team-work. "Both, priests and doctors, work in teams, and it is this team-work that makes our ministry effective." A third similarity highlighted by Dr. Almeida was availability. "Doctors, like priests, are on call twenty four hours of a day. Availability to people is a critical aspect of our life" declared Dr. Almeida.

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