Monday, October 3, 2011


Crescens Lemos sdb

LONAVALA, OCTOBER 3, 2011: "Walk, run, play because fitness is the need of the time." said Dr. Ali Irani physiotherapist of the Indian cricket team. As Don Bosco Lonavala celebrates its Golden Jubilee year it was a privilege to have Dr. Irani to conduct the Fitness Seminar and health camp organised in collaboration with the Maval Varta. 
Dr. Irani with a team of doctors conducted the health camp for all the students of Don Bosco School and Junior College.  The Health Camp began at 10 am. As the students were examined by the doctors in the examination hall, Dr. Irani conducted the health seminar with the help of Powerpoint presentations and realistic examples. He tackled issues with regard to diet, exercises, body-building etc.  He enlightened the students on how due to ignorance we could injure and harm our selves.  Being the physiotherapist of the Indian cricket team, he shared on how the cricket players under-go stress and injuries and how as a physiotherapist he has to tackle these problems.  Later, during the day, he interacted with the sports division of the school and college and briefed them on the importance of warm-ups and stretching exercises.
The day concluded with Fr. Rector felicitating Dr. Irani and each of the doctors with a bouquet of flowers and a Jubilee Souvenir of Don Bosco Lonavala.  "The seminar was really helpful because it made me aware of my body and health and it gave me tips on how to improve my football skills", said Alrick D'souza who is a member of the U-19 Football team. 
After all, life is all about how you live it and how you take care of it.

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