Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yogita Haldankar

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 4, 2011: "Helping your child read correctly" was the primary objective of the Phonics workshop held on October 1, 2011 at the Don Bosco Hall. As teachers, of the Junior K.G. Section, our constant interaction with our students motivated us, to wanting to introduce the parents our children, to the effective and time tested method of reading well by using the "phonetic" method.
Tr. Renita, systematically took the parents through the finer nuances of the reading method, and her well conducted, live, demonstration of the "phonics" sound was - to see each attending parent, stand and follow Tr. Renita's demonstration of the phonic sound just as each of their children would do. The encouraging response from the parents was seen from their active participation at the session and an eagerness to meet the teacher post the session, to get further information on the "phonic method".
The session concluded with a presentation on "Overview of Speech and Language Development" made by a P.T.A member - Mrs. Charmaine (Special Educator).

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