Tuesday, October 4, 2011


NERUL, OCTOBER 4, 2011: Painting is her hobby when she's bored, it's her soul when she feels low, it's her stress-buster when in anxiety; and her pride when she wins.  She dedicates a lot of time for painting.  As a reward, Shivani has bagged a bronze medal at the Forty Second World School Children's Art Exhibition. 
 This event was sponsored by National Taiwan Arts Education Centre, Association for Formative Art Education of the Republic of China and Association for Education through Art of the Republic of China.  The exhibition was held at Nan-Hai Gallery of National Taiwan Arts Education Centre at Taipei, Republic of China, Taiwan from August 25 to September 27, 2011.  "I had painted a cycle race, which was common topic of the students of our age group which is eleven to fifteen years.  When I submitted my painting for the exhibition, I did not expect to win a prize" said Shivani. 
Of the thirty thousand entries from children between six and fifteen years, Shivani is the only girl from India who got a bronze.  The paintings were judged by a panel of twenty eight judges of international repute.
Don Bosco School, Nerul congratulates our rising star. May she be an inspiration to others like her.

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