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MATUNGA, OCTOBER 05, 2011: The Hindustan Times newspaper which surveyed the top schools in the city of Mumbai has adjudged Don Bosco High School - Matunga as one of the top ten schools and has been given the highest rating for sports, value for money, cultural diversity and engaging the children in social consciousness.  It has ranked Don Bosco eighth among the best schools in Mumbai.
The parameters which the Hindustan times rated the schools were on education philosophy, attitude towards learning, breadth of vision, social engagement, academic rigour, innovative teaching, quality of teachers,  teacher-students relationship , sports, cultural activities, life skills education, infrastructure and facilities, safety, health and hygiene, diversity , selection process, governance, parent participation and value for money.
An exhaustive questionnaire to nearly five hundred schools in the city of Mumbai was sent to be filled in to the various principals.  Among which hundred schools replied based on this an objective score was given.  In the second phase the perception - based survey among the teachers and parents was conducted.  In the last phase the highest scoring schools audit was conducted by talking to the parents and the students. 
Don Bosco High School is a government aided institution and its uniqueness lies in the Preventive System of Education namely; Religion, Reason and Loving kindness envisioned by Don Bosco.  Being a government aided school and adjudged amongst the top school is a complement also to the government of Maharashtra who reserves funds for education, many of the poor children benefit free education.  Among the survey this is the only government school which has attained accolades in forming the youngsters. The teachers are the ones who mould our future youngsters and they need to give the best in Education. 
Fr. Bosco D'Mello, the principal of the school was elated with hearing the news and he mentioned that the school always promotes a holistic development for every student and strives to attain the highest level of academic performance with co-curricular activities. 
Congratulations to the management and the staff of Don Bosco High School. 
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anthonydavis said...

Usually these boarding schools are located far from cities to provide calm and comfort zone for students.

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Bhavana sree said...

It is one of the top 10 schools in Mumbai having more branches in India.