Saturday, October 8, 2011


Rossi D'Souza

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 08, 2011: Under the guidance of our class teacher, Mrs. Ransan Turner, we the students of Std X of Gnyanodaya, Don Bosco Borivili Remedial Education Programme, organised a Canteen on September 27, 2011.
The canteen day was organised with the intention to put to use the lessons learnt in Home Science, Economics and Business Studies. The students were very enthuastic as they were allotted many tasks to plan and prepare things for the day. They were divided into groups and were asked to go to the markets, place orders, purchase items, prepare and sell the eatables to the other students.
Canteen Days also teach the students importance of 'Team Work' as they went about putting up the tables and preparing mouth-watering eatables for the day. Many students patronized the stalls and delicacies like corn-chat, brownies, idli-chutney, cold drinks etc. The day ended with the class teacher preparing bhelpuri for the students and quenching their thirst with cold drink.
The proceeds of this and all the Canteens that will be held in the next months will be used for an Outreach Programme.
All the students enjoyed the day and it was a day well spent.

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