Saturday, October 8, 2011


Stan  D'Sa

WADALA, OCTOBER 08, 2011: The Bible classes in the Parish had its humble beginnings in August 2008 with Fr. Cletus D'Souza setting the ball rolling with his initial sessions on "Praying the Bible".
It's been a long, enriching and unbroken journey these past three years. We have eminent teachers from the Salesians (Frs. Bastin, Aloysius and Wilfred and now Vivian), Salesian Sister Caroline D'Souza, and our lay ministers of the Word (Mr. Tony, Mr. Merwyn and Mr. Samson) taking turns to break the Word of God, from the Old and New Testament, every Wednesday evening. In fact Mr. Samson took the gospel of St. John in the last four months and made us experience St. John's message through his studied classes.' He who has discovered the Risen Christ, cannot but lead others to Him, as it is not possible to keep this great joy to oneself after studying the Word of God.' This is what Mr.  Samson has done through his classes. There has been an active participation of the group that has been growing in number and thirst for the Living Word of God. We must admit that we become aware of the special way in which the Lord comes to us every day, as healer, helper and teacher. We strive to be 'renewed in the spirit by the Word of the Lord. We plan to give thanks to the Lord for the graces he has showered on our group these past three years, as we have our thanksgiving mass this month.

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