Monday, October 10, 2011


Nigel D'souza

KUWAIT, OCTOBER 10, 2011: On Saturday, October 8, 2011 the parish youth of St. Therese's church organized a programme to felicitate the teachers. Nearly sixty teachers turned up for the programme. The teachers leave no stone unturned to groom the students. They prepare the students to face the challenges of the world. It is for this reason, the youth wanted to organize an evening to make the teachers feel very special. They wanted to thank them for their valuable contribution to the lives of the students. So the youth organized the evening for the teachers to relax, interact, chit chat and stay away from their work.
The programme was held in the church courtyard. The youth welcomed the teachers and presented them with a handmade badge with their names on it. Each handmade badge was artistically prepared by the youth. Team games were conducted for the teachers which involved a mime act, general knowledge puzzles and fun games. For a while, the teachers forgot that they were adults and they participated in the games just like little children deriving fun from every game. Spot prizes were announced and snacks were served to the teachers. The youth conducted the games under the guidance of their lay animators and Fr. Lionel Braganza.  Before all could leave, the teachers who were celebrating their birthdays in the month of October were invited and along with Frs. Lionel, Joy, Francis and Blany they cut the cake.
In his parting message, Fr. Blany thanked the youth for being so thoughtful and organizing the day for the teachers. He invited the teachers to send their children to the youth group. With the evening getting close to its curtain call, Miss Bianca Fernandes one of the core member of the youth group thanked the teachers for coming for this event and a memento with a thank you note and a prayer was presented  to all the teachers.
The teachers were very appreciative and they thanked the youth for their creativity and enthusiasm.

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