Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Jennifer D'Souza

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 10, 2011: The family cell of St. John Bosco Parish, organized a workshop for couples to revive the warmth in their marital life.  The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Mitchelle 'Mello, Psychologist. Fr. Ronnie addressed the couples and gave a brief input on the workshop to be conducted which would focus on Communication and dealing with conflict situations in family life.  The workshop began with the traditional wedding march, enabling the couples to relive their wedding day. The main objectives of the input session were:
1.      Identifying one's own emotional language.
2.      Becoming assertive in dealing with conflicts.
3.      Negotiating a win-win solution to problems.
Case studies, role play and personal sharing helped to make the session interactive and interesting. A handout with a profile for husbands and wives were given to couples to help them understand the primary love language existing between them and truly "Celebrate Love".  The couples thanked Mrs. D'Mello for making the day so special and memorable for each of them.
Special thanks to Fr. Ronnie,  our Parish Priest  who is the driving force  initiating the family cell to conduct such sessions and give real life experiences in keeping the parish family united.  

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