Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Conrad Saldanha

KURLA, OCTOBER 11, 2011: On October 4, 2011  Don Bosco  Institute  of  Technology  together  with Don Bosco Institute of Management and Research organised  a  Program  for  students  of  both  Institutes on "How  to  be  a  Smart Investor". This program was done in collaboration with Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) at no cost. The program was held in the Mondini Hall from 2pm – 5 pm.

Fr. Mario, Executive Director Don Bosco Institute of Management and Research welcomed the representatives of CGSI, the distinguished speakers, the staff and students of the Institutes. Dr. M.S. Kamath, General Secretary, CGSI emphasized the importance of  people  knowing  their  rights  and responsibilities  in  various  aspects  of  their  lives as  consumers and that this program on Investment had  been organised keeping this in mind.

Mr. Gaurav Mashruwala  a  well known  speaker and  contributor to The Times of India  on this  subject  then  regaled the  audience  with  very  interesting  insights  and  advice. He stressed on the importance of practicing the tenet of 'Earn, Save, Spend' in that order. He  explained the  ill effects  of  living life  giving  priority to either  spending and then earning or  earning  and  then  spending with  no  thought of saving.

He  also advised the  students  to  make their  own  budgets starting with  just  a listing of  the expenses  incurred on a  daily  basis against the money which the parents give them. He also wanted students to become aware of their relationship with money. We always react to money emotionally. We need to become masters of money and not allow money to become our master. We need to save for protection against any catastrophe or other contingency. Making money and managing money require different competencies. The credit card culture is destructive. We  need to  avoid  creating  wrong assets  namely  assets  which take money  away like  a  car. And lastly we need to learn to donate generously.

Mr. Lokesh Jain, another eminent speaker followed up with some very useful advice pertaining to investment in the stock market. One must begin with defining one's investment objectives, analysing one's available resources, analysing the possible investment opportunities, designing one's asset allocation strategy, and finally implementing one's investment plan. He also gave one a checklist for evaluating various investment avenues. The checklist included Safety, Choice, Easy access, Tax Benefit, Affordability, Growth/Return, Liquidity, and Trust. Mr. Jain asked the students to remember that Savings is additive while Investment is multiplicative.

The  last  speaker, Mr. Ajit Manjure  of the  Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. made the students  aware of the role of  CDSL and  the move to  demit as  many  investment instruments as possible.

There  were  a  plethora  of questions which  had to be  curtailed  because of the paucity of time. Dr. N. Joag, Principal, DBIT then proposed a vote of thanks.  

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