Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ivan Braganza

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 12, 2011: The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) members of St. John Bosco Parish along with their families went for a picnic to Boscowadi. All the members gathered at the Gorai Creek and then proceeded to Boscowadi Resort.   There were around seventy members (children and adults) accompanied by Fr. Allwyn who had made arrangements for transport from Gorai to Boscowadi.  It was an excellent and exciting morning beginning with a boat ride, then the travel by bus and finally a trek from the main road to the venue.  We began the day with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr. Allwyn.
As breakfast was served, a cake was brought out to celebrate Fr. Ronnie's birthday with the singing of Birthday song and birthday bumps.  Thereafter we had indoor games where all the members, young and old participated.   As it got warmer towards noon, it was time for a dip in the pool. Innovative pool games were enjoyed by all. Soon it was lunch time and 'Bosco Caterers' under the guidance of Fr. Santarita served us a delicious and sumptuous lunch which was relished and enjoyed by everyone.  After lunch while some elders relaxed, a game of housie was played.  Fr. Carlos along with some children jumped back into the pool to keep themselves cool.  As evening drew to a close, tea and snacks were served and it was time for us to return home. 
The picnic was a great success, with lots of fun and togetherness.  Many thanks to Fr. Ronnie  for his invitation extended to the PPC and their families,  Fr. Santarita and his team of caterers for the mouth watering food and venue, Fr. Allwyn and Fr. Carlos in making this day a fun filled and memorable one. 

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