Thursday, October 13, 2011


Cl. Dinesh Vasava 

NARUKOT, OCTOBER 13, 2011:  The annual Canonical Visitation of the Provincial, Fr. Michael Fernandes was held from October 10-11, 2011 at Narukot. He met the school,   technical, development and domestic staff.  Past Pupils, VEP teachers, Cooperators, Parish Council members, Adesh Kedut Vikas Mandal (comprising of hundred and eight members from thirty five villages) were also privileged to interact with him.
During his stay, the Provincial also visited   Garumal,   one of the many villages of Jambughoda Taluka of Panchmal District, where watershed programs sponsored by NABARD is executed. He was proud to witness the wonderful work done by the Salesians and the Development Staff. He also had a friendly rapport with the hospitable villagers. He discussed various issues with them and asked them this important question, "What change do the Salesians bring about when they work for the poor?"
In fact, one of the villagers, Mr. Vikram Deshing Rathwa passionately said "Five years down the line when fathers used to come to visit, people avoided them, they did not want to have any contact with them but by their constant visits the people now have total trust in them and everybody has seen the change in their mindset. Now people implement many activities suggested by them." The villagers were indeed glad to meet Fr. Fernandes. 
Narukot Education Society has been striving for holistic growth and development of the poor and marginalized by Enhancing Sustainable Livelihood and creating Local Assets through better and effective implementation of NREGA; providing the children with good education through Village Education Program in twenty nine villages (Sarva Siksha Abhiyan), agriculture trainings and creating leadership among the villages for better participation in the Gramshabha and for Good Self Governance. 
The Literacy rate is greater than before; villagers who earlier were hostile to the organization are now having a welcoming attitude and are ready to be cooperative. The number of villagers who actively attend Gramshabha has tremendously increased; the participation of women has also improved in all villages as there is an unexpected change in attitude of the government officials as they too are now supportive and cooperative.  Self Help Groups have been started in Ranjitpura as well as in Zalleria villages.    
During his visitation, Fr. Fernandes expressed his heartfelt joy in being with the Salesians, the staff, students and the villagers.  His visitation added a special color to the greenery of Narukot. It brought a joyous atmosphere in the house. The visit was a blessing to the Salesian community. 

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