Friday, October 14, 2011


Patrick Corda

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 14, 2011: October 13, 2011 will be marked as a Red Letter Day in the history of Bosco Boys Home. There is LIFE in the blood and one can know its value only when required, so if people do not donate blood, how will they know its value? For this, the Institute of Bosco Boys Home organized a blood donation camp with the help of Red Cross Blood Bank Mumbai.
A team of twelve members from Red Cross started setting the place early morning at 9.00 am. Mr. Dayanand Patil the main organiser welcomed them by giving a small speech. Our young students of MoRD, Sankalp, and Bosco Boys Home donated their blood generously without any hesitation. Present for the drive was the Director of the Institute Fr. Anthony Santarita who spoke about the benefits of donating Blood. He mentioned that he himself has donated blood several times.
More than forty five students from MoRD, Sankalp, BBH along with Br. Richard Burkhaw, Mr. Sachin Pyati (Facilitator Welding) Mr. Sunil Samant (Facilitator Hotel Management) donated their Blood and were issued a card by the Red Cross. Fr. Anthony Santarita thanked all the donors, Mr. Dayanand Patil, as well as the staff of Red Cross for introducing this good practice. He then asked the entire team to join him for lunch which was prepared by the Hotel Management students.
The Institute assured Red Cross Organization that they will conduct such camps for every new batch of Trainees. "Blood is Precious, Share it," were the words of Fr. Anthony Santarita. He concluded, "If you are not ashamed in receiving blood, don't be ashamed in giving it too, there is LIFE in blood." 

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