Friday, October 14, 2011


BIS Correspondent

WADALA, OCTOBER 14, 2011: At the recently concluded u-14 State Basketball championship (10-11 October) at Nashik, our team slipped just a little – but the slip at the crucial moment cost them the prestigious State Champions' title!  Take out this minor (costly!) hiccup, and you have a team that has shown tremendous grit, determination and commitment.  The players has seen it all – the glamour, the tough competition and the amazing talent at the highest level, and sadly, the strange politics 'to win at all cost' that raises its ugly head on the big stage that tarnishes the image of a beautiful sport.

Going into this State level tournament as the District champions – and thus having the honor to represent Mumbai – our u-14 basketball team impressed all and sundry with their sublime skills and a tremendous fighting spirit.  In their first game of the tournament held at Smt. Meenatai Thackeray indoor basketball stadium, Adgaon, Nashik, our team overpowered the mighty Pune team (St. Mary's) 47-42.  The semifinal game surprised everyone.  In a match that inexplicably lasted for over two and a half hours our boys overcame all odds to defeat Nagpur (St. Thereza's) 45-36.  Energies drained, yet their spirit unconquered, the team members faced yet another daunting task of defeating the home team in the finals.  However this was not to be, as this was the moment they slipped, and went down fighting to Nashik (New Era High School) 39-25. 

Another feather in the cap of this successful journey was the selection of one of our team players, Mayank Chavan, who was selected for the Nationals.  We indeed have a reason to celebrate!

Well done boys.  You have shown that you can compete with the best, and win too!  We are proud of you and your title.  More than that, we salute your indomitable spirit.  Thanks to the tireless efforts and sacrifice of the two coaches, Mr. Raju and Mr. Somnath over the years, our team reached thus far.  Their belief in the boys did the trick and we wish them success in their coaching career.

Yes, the victory cheers have gotten louder… Joseph's, Joseph's, Joseph's. St Joseph's! WADALA!

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