Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sandhya Jain

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 20, 2011: Festival of Light "Enlighten hearts, souls and minds", this is what we believe in and on Diwali. Our students culminated their observation, imagination and experiences in creative work. The entire primary section was decorated with painted earthen lamps and colourful paper lanterns. A hand on clay work - produced a box of sweets. Greeting cards on a festive occasion, carrying on the custom of acknowledgement and showing regards to relatives were also prepared. People get together and what more can be the best time to give a message.

"No Crackers, No Pollution
Save environment, Save Each Person
Each Person, Do Your Bit
If You Want Our Future to Be Fit."

Our little artist made clay crackers carrying this message. We inherit a rich tradition of making "Rangoli". Rangoli of various types' geometrical, floral, paper, pulses etc. were made by the children. We also inculcated in our children the values of caring and sharing with the victims of the "Sikkim Earthquake" by their generous donation in anticipation of Diwali - The Festival of Lights.

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