Thursday, October 20, 2011


Patrick Corda

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 20, 2011: Bosco Boys Home Borivli was blessed to have in their midst Provincial Fr. Michael Fernandes for the Annual Canonical Visitation which was held on October 19, 2011. Fr. Fernandes celebrated the morning Eucharist with the community and the boarder's. He then joined the community for breakfast.
In the morning assembly Fr. Fernandes interacted with the students and told them a short story where the importance of life was shown. During his conference with the community members he highlighted two important points to focus on; first the lay collaboration and second the protection of the minors in the institute.
He also interacted with the staff and mentioned how a teacher can make a difference in the life of a student; he gave a very good example of Mr. Steve Job a school drop out who captured the minds of the people in the technology sector and how people will remember him through apple. He then went through the points put down by a few staff of the institute and said that more students should come in and use the facility that Bosco Boys Home was providing to make a better life to live in society.
It was a wonderful day with Fr. Michael Fernandes.

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