Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sandhya Jain

BORIVLI, OCTOBER 25, 2011: Sir Allan Arthur the musician of the primary section bid us adieu after a dedicated service in Don Bosco High School, Borivli. As a mark of respect a small programme was organized by the Headmistress and staff.
Sir Allan was escorted proudly by our office bearers to the hall along with our Rector Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes and Principal Rev. Fr. George Carlos.
As a fond farewell and to carry back happy memories, the Boscoites presented a foot tapping dance. Groomed under Sir Allan, Nathaniel Lobo sang a touching good-bye song. Sir Allan understood that each child has a different ear and sensibility towards music reflected from his performance.
Throughout his service, everyone having a musical inclination and genuine understanding for music respected him as a composer and he was admired for the same. Sir Allan and our Head mistress have composed many songs together for silver jubilarians, retired teachers and for various felicitations. The staff of the primary section sang a heartfelt song with the guitar played by our Principal Rev. Fr. George Carlos, each one was so emotionally moved by hearing it.
"Sir Allan, our colleague friend,
We know each other since fifteen years
So dear since 1996 you are here."

The primary school captain Mst. Ninad Chaphekar in his speech mentioned whether it is a prayer, a welcome song, a patriotic song, our National Anthem or a Christmas carol, every song has been taught with equal love and dedication. The journey of growing with Sir has been wonderful.
Bidding us good-bye Sir Allan played a song, Some Sunny day we'll meet again. With great love and respect we conclude by saying:

Sir Allan -
Life is like a river flowing ahead
With its turns, ups and downs,
Changing of banks, it continues to tread
Yes Sir Allan where ever you go,
You certainly will create an aura of melodious, pleasant notes
With youngsters, adults and grown up to vote.
"Our sound of music" book a souvenirs of melodies will make us remember and miss you.

We had joy we had fun
We had seasons in the Sun
And the wine and the song
Like a season go and come.
And on the same note as you,
We'll meet again on some sunny day
Till then good-bye good health and good luck.

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