Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ansilon Fernandes

NASHIK, OCTOBER 29, 2011: This year the Mission Sunday on October 23, came just as the school students were beginning their Diwali Vacation.  And so we called it – 'GRAND FUN, communities and Parishes were invited.  The Fete was a grand success as all the kids enjoyed themselves playing the various games.  There was the coupon-system.  Those who won were given prize coupons and proportionate prizes. There were many food-stalls, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian which were most visited enjoyed by one and all.  The great food attraction which was most visited was the 'Chicken Sharmah' run by our Parishioner, Joshua Srivastwa. 

The students patronised the stalls and games in large numbers.  We thank all these schools:  Kilbil School, Nirmala Convent School, Silver Oak School, Fravashi Academy and Don Bosco School.  We also thank the neighbouring communities who took active part in the Fete by patronising the various stalls.  A word of thanks to the Salesian Training Institute, Sacred Heart Training Centre, Divya Daan, Ursaline Sisters of Kilbil, Tanmaya and Nirmala Home, Nirmala Convent Sisters, Holy Cross Fathers and the Parishioners and Parishioners from Dominic Savio Satpur. 

Thanks to the Parish Councillors and all the members of the various committees. This Mission Fete was conducted for a charitable cause and the net profit was Rs. 38,000/-. This money collected would be forwarded to some Mission Work which requires economic help.  From the last two years, amounts of Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 50,000/- respectively were sent to the Salesian Mission of Rajasthan, Suket, Salawad and Jabua Mission to open scholarships in the name of Don Bosco Church, Nashik. On Fr. Provincial's suggestion this year too the amount collected will be donated to some Mission which needs help.

The great profit has been due to the various donors who donated food and helped economically.

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