Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Fr. Valerian Pereira sdb

MATUNGA, NOVEMBER 1, 2011: "This celebration of God's faithfulness must stimulate the quality of our own fidelity to the Covenant that God made with us both as individuals and as a Province." These words summed up the mood of the jubilarians: Fr. Tony D'Souza, Fr. Nelson Falcao, Fr. Alexander Fernandes, Fr. Dominic Lisboa, Fr. Blany Pinto, Fr. Ignas Macwan, Fr. Edison Fernandes and Fr. Edwin Colaco.
Fr. Ashley Miranda, in his toast, reiterated that the theme 'Celebrate Your Commitment' was an occasion for the Province of Mumbai to rejoice with the jubilarians because God had used them to spread the magic of Don Bosco, the faithfulness of Mary and the love of Jesus in blessing the lives of many (especially the young) to whom they had ministered to with zeal and commitment.
Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of the Mumbai Province, while presenting a citation to each jubilarian sketched their many qualities. He stated thus: 'In Fr. Tony D'Souza, we have a pioneer who built people, projects and provinces'; 'In Fr. Alexander Fernandes, we see a meticulous organizer, an innovative youth animator and a pioneer of Amrutdhara'; 'In Fr. Dominic Lisboa, one notices a great zeal to bring Christ to the young and the poor especially seen in his pastoral ministry at Virar and the Andaman Islands'; 'In Fr. Nelson Falcao, one admires the professor and scholar par excellence reflected in his monumental work 'Kristapurana'; In Fr. Blany Pinto, one notices the dedication to pastoral ministry and his formative skills in building communities and apostolic groups'; ' In Fr. Edison Pinto, we have a mentor who seeks the young in his sacramental and counseling ministry'; 'In Fr. Edwin Colaco, is reflected the youth minister who uses creativity to enthuse and empower youth' and 'In Fr. Ignas Macwan, we see the dynamism of hope to nurture the young in rural areas as respectable and responsible citizens of society.'
As a Province, we thank them for their examples of fidelity and let us sincerely believe in the Lord's faithfulness who assures us with the words: "I shall be with you till the end of time.

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