Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ranald Lopes

CHHOTAUDEPUR, NOVEMBER 1, 2011: Starting with the feast of Our lady of the Rosary on October 7, the parishioners of Fatehpura Colony at Chhotaudepur have came together and joined hands in prayer and worship during the entire month of October. A few of the parish council members have gone ahead with this new way of carrying Christ's message.
These lay people gather in a house at around 7pm after their day's activity and read the Gospel passage and then reflect on its message. The priest then breaks the word along with the Biblical interpretation. It is very nice to see young children taking part in reading the gospel texts and also singing bhajans. We hope to form the faith even more deeply in the hearts of the faithful just like the Early Christian Community. There are also moments of healing and praying over. The faithful hope to instil the faith, first among their family members and then reach out to their villages where they come from, by witnessing to the Gospel values.

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