Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Patrick Corda

BORIVLI, NOVEMBER 15, 2011: In the gospel of Mark chapter 10:14 Jesus says "Let the Children come to me, and do not stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to such of these. The children of Bosco Boys Home had a fantastic day.

The children were surprised as Br. Richard Burkhao asked everyone to assemble in the lobby and then announced that there wont be any classes instead they will have a party time. Children were divided into four groups and then followed the quiz show and the telly match. After an hour they were all asked to assemble in the lobby, this time they were all surprised to see that there was DJ music, a Pani Puri counter, and an ice gola counter arranged by Fr. Anthony Santarita.  In the pani puri contest Br. Richard took the first place as he consumed thirty eight Pani Puris no stop.

The evening came to end with a prize distribution which was done by the Administrator of BBH Fr. Bastin Thomas, who also wished the children on behalf of the Director Fr. Anthony Santarita. He appreciated the hard work that Br. Richard Burkhao put in to make the day a success. 

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