Monday, November 28, 2011


Cl. Nelson Mudaliar sdb

NASIK, NOVEMBER 28, 2011: "A home away from home." That's what our community is. On November 14, 2011 celebrations dashed in our home as we began the Tridum in view of our community. The theme for our community day was 'one love, one heart.' Our young composers Cl Nobin and Cl Bosco composed our Community Anthem, keeping in mind our community theme.
The Tridum started off, with our viewing of 'Africa United' a theme based movie saying that, no matter from where we come, who we are, what our background is, if we all have the same goal, the same vision, we shall surely attain our goal. Each day of the Tridum had its own focus. On the first day of the Tridum, we focused on our parents-our first formaters and the support staff of our house. On the second day, we prayed for all the formees, that is all the brothers. On the third day we prayed for all the formators.
The different prayer moments like the morning meditation, Holy Eucharist, evening prayers, night prayers were all geared towards the same and were very well animated. It put us all into the prayerful mood and helped us raise our hearts in gratitude to God for all He does. Many thoughts came up during the Tridum to nurture relationships with each other. Though there is 'U' and 'I' in the word community, it basically is found on 'we'. On the  November 17, we celebrated our community day.
The joyous day began with music in the dormitory. We meditated on the community as a whole with a special focus on Teamwork. Papers were passed around where we penned down some of the qualities that each one possessed and that which touched our hearts. This then carried us forward to the table where the administrator put special effort to heighten the occasion. After a short recreation and moments of study we proceeded for our Thursday apostolate.  We had tea together with all the support staff members.  In the evening the Missionary group organized well animated games for all. The Holy Eucharist reminded us that we are one love and one heart after the heart of Jesus. Fr Savio D'Souza the main celebrant voiced out the two aspects of the celebration of the community day, unity and gratitude. He also said that just as branches, we should know to whom we are clinging to, that is none other than Jesus Christ. Small hearts (thermocol) were given to each confrere on which their names were written. We then symbolically pinned our hearts to the large heart of Christ.    
After the Eucharist, we all gathered in the lawn, where all of us put our very best, to bring out our creativity by way of songs, skit and dance. Various presentations reminded us of the joyous time we had together in the community which we still continue to have today.  Super simply delicious supper was served as we jammed on the floor together. The day ended with night prayers and the good night talk given by Fr. Savio in which he thanked all those who made this day a success.                                         
One love, one heart after the love of Jesus!

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