Friday, December 2, 2011


Rhishabh Deshpande

WADALA, NOVEMBER 28, 2011:  September 18, 2011, proved to be a fatal day for the Indian state of Sikkim and the surrounding neighboring countries – Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.  The devastating Himalayan earthquake killed hundreds of people in these areas.  More so, buildings were damaged, and educational institutions grounded thus ending the hope of thousands of school and college going children.  Yet all hope is not yet lost for these our brothers and sisters, for as long as there are people who are ready to share and care.  AVEC, Matunga, showed us the way in this regard. 

The 'Aid Sikkim 6.8' Project (Save on Diwali crackers… sponsor Earthquake students) initiated by AVEC, galvanized the students of St. Joseph into action.  The leaders of the school visited every class before the Diwali vacations with a fervent appeal to contribute to a noble cause, after all, were they not just one of us? Strike a chord, it did!  Pooling their resources together by saving on their pocket money and doing away with their favorite Diwali crackers, the students managed to collect a sizeable amount of Rs. 26,500/- for the 'Aid Sikkim 6.8' Project.  We are sure that this small act will go a long way to assist our fellow students in earthquake stricken Sikkim.

Commendable and a kind act by the students of St. Joseph's!  Another way of showing that we care!

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