Friday, December 2, 2011


ADALA, DECEMBER 02, 2011: The process of acquainting ourselves with the new missal began already in August 2011, with Fr. Wilfred D'Souza initiating us to the nuances of the changes to be introduced in the new missal. We had a series of catechesis for the various groups, like the Liturgy, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Salesian Cooperators groups, to acquaint ourselves with the changes.

The Celebrants at the Eucharist spoke about the changes and its significance for a new vitality to the celebration of the Eucharist and the ushering of the Liturgical year. The area community masses that were celebrated in preparation for the Parish Feast was another occasion to catechize the faithful.  In some areas, it was an occasion to correct some of the anomalies that take place in our Eucharistic celebration. The Novena in preparation for our Parish Feast (November 13) was on the theme of the Eucharist and we reflected on the various parts of the Mass. As directed by the Diocesan Liturgical team we conducted a Novena in preparation for the reception of the new missal. The Novena animation notes were well prepared by the diocesan Liturgical Commission and helped our people to once again visit the different aspects of the Eucharistic celebration and its meaning for our lives.

Finally, we were fortunate to have our Cardinal, Oswald Gracias, speak to us on the CD, which was played at all the masses and this put the need and challenges of the new missal in real perspective. However the new Missal did not reach the parish in time, and we had to make necessary adjustments to have the celebration of the Eucharist, as laid down by the new missal on the First Sunday of Advent. There has been a mixed reaction to this introduction of the new missal, but the congregation is getting a hold of the situation and will begin to enjoy the celebration in the due course of time.  

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