Monday, December 5, 2011


KURLA, DECEMBER 05, 2011: iCreate India is an organization that helps create entrepreneurs through its entrepreneur development program. Its focus is on the disadvantaged segments of society and works at the grassroots level. iCreate recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Don Bosco Centre for Learning through which it would run Enterprise  Development Programs  for the Faculty, training  them to be creators of entrepreneurs.

The inaugural five –day Train the Trainer (TOT) program for the Faculty of the various Institutions on the campus of DBCL was held from November 21-25, 2011. The total number of participants was thirty seven. They included Principals and Senior Faculty members of the campus as well as some invitees from outside the campus.

The  program's  content  addressed  very  complex  topics  which  are needed to  be understood  to  start a business in a  very  simple  way. And this was amply acknowledged in the feedback which was given by the participants. The energy level and enthusiasm of the participants was something which needed to be seen to be believed. Fr. Mario, in his closing remarks mentioned that  he  was used to seeing  Faculty  glide into their  classrooms  and  glide out of  them  in a  very  routine manner  but  here these  same  Faculty  seemed  transformed. They were involved and ready to learn and very focussed.

The presentations at the end of the program more than adequately showcased the effectiveness of the program. The presentations were judged by Mr. Ulhas Kamath, CEO, iCreate India, Mr. Neelesh Wagle, M.D. Suyash Advisors, and Mr. Conrad Saldanha, Principal Advisor, DBCL.

For  value  additions, the following speakers  addressed the participants viz. Mr. Chandu Chavan, Chairman, Innoventive Industries Ltd., who is  working on a  variety of  innovative  ventures which include membrane  technology for water purification. DBCL would be examining the use of this technology for a water purification project on campus. Another speaker was Mr. Atul Ambavat, C.A. who shared with the participant's knowledge in the various areas of corporate law. And lastly there was Mr. M.V. Subramaniam, President and Head, Business Banking who regaled the participants in a very humorous way with the basics of banking.  

Mr. Ulhas Kamath, CEO, iCreate India remarked at the end of the program; "This year we conducted ten TOTs at different locations in the country. The one at Kurla was by far the best. Arrangements were excellent and participation was energetic. All were very learned people; but they came in to the training as "students - that too well behaved ones". They left their egos (......if any) outside the room! That made all the difference and hence the TOT became such a grand success."

Mr. Satish Kini, COO, Nation Buiding Mission, PanIIT, who has  supported this  venture  with  iCreate  and was present on the  last day had this to say "I must congratulate both Ulhas ( and his iCreate  team ) and Dr Sarika ( and her DBCL  team )  for the examplary manner in which this entire TOT was conducted."

Dr. Sarika Kulkarni, Head, Centre for Social Change, very efficiently and effectively planned and implemented this program and infused it with her never ending reservoir of energy and enthusiasm. She is now planning on the follow-up.  

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