Monday, December 12, 2011


Marilyn Dias
WADALA, DECEMBER 12, 2011: It's not yet the end of the scholastic year, yet it was farewell time for one of our senior staff members, Mrs. Padmini Dev who sought an early retirement to attend to family duties in Bangalore.  Mrs. Dev joined our institution at the young age of twenty five. Since then she has touched many lives – not only those of her dear students but also her colleagues. The ex – Principals, Rectors, teachers and students have volumes to speak of her and her good work. She is and will be remembered for her very creative and fun filled science and math classes, meaningful assemblies laced with values, her leadership sessions and camps, her innovative ideas for her science club classes as well as for the GreenLine project initiated in our school, and the field trips that she organized. The list is endless. She was very meticulous in her work and never left any stone unturned. She willingly helped all those – both students and teachers- who approached her for guidance and ideas. She was a friend, philosopher and guide not only to her students, but also to her colleagues.

There is a famous quote: "One good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen."  This is so true of Mrs. Dev. Several past students who are very successful today, have been reformed under her guidance and have the same to say about her.

On November 28, 2011, at a farewell lunch organized by the secondary staff, Fr. Rector in his short speech said that St. Joseph's has lost a good teacher. He wished her happiness, luck and good health. Some of the staff members then recounted some of their personal experiences with Mrs. Dev, and thanked her for her presence among them. In her farewell speech, Mrs. Dev, reciprocated her sentiments of gratitude and love to the staff and the school, and said that it is difficult to say goodbye. She asked the staff to continue their good work and always strive to do the best for the children placed in our care.

Well dear teacher Padmini this is our message to you.
You have touched our lives more than we can say
We are going to miss you and your smile everyday...
You were always there for us when we needed you
You were that strong shoulder we could cry on when we were blue... 
You leave us now to follow your dreams
And as you reminisce as you know you will do
Please remember you will always be the 
Queen of our Hearts, this is True!

Good Bye and Farewell……..till we meet again.

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