Thursday, December 22, 2011


Patole Anthony

WADALA, DECEMBER 22, 2011: On December 17, 2011 the Shelter Don Bosco boys marched toward V.V.F. Ltd for their Christmas Celebration with the company employees. It was due to the initiative of Mr. Charles Carvallo (Past pupil of Don Bosco) that the Shelter boys were the centre of attraction of the celebration.
The boys along with two staff attended the celebration. They were prepared with carols and Christmas stories in the local Languages. They also entertained the staff with dance, Sher- Shayari, songs etc. and in turn were honoured with gifts and a cheque for the organization. Shelter Staff briefed the V.V.F staff with the history and works of Shelter Don Bosco. Thanks to Mr. Charles Carvallo who thought of us and made this day a special one for the boys.  


Rayomand Bomi Khambata said...

It was indeed a memorable event me.

Jade Graham said...

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