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Cls Sunil, Clarence, Michael and Hasdak

DIVYADAAN, JANUARY 04, 2012:  Every year during the Christmas holidays, the brothers of Divyadaan conduct Scout Camps for the students whom they teach in the three different schools in Nashik. This year too, the camps were organized from December 27- 29, 2011 and below are the reports of the camps held by the brothers in their respective schools.

Sacred Heart Convent High School, Wadala Road, Nashik.
The scout camp for Sacred Heart Convent School was held at the school campus itself. The objective was to impart scouting skills to the students and develop interpersonal relationships and prepare them to brace the challenges that life would offer them in the future.
The sixty one scouts who were present were divided into six patrols. Eight scout masters of Divyadaan along with a few teachers of the school ensured that the objective was met and the students received only the best. Apart from scouting, activities like preparation of gadgets, knots, lashings, games, campfires and other input sessions. The highlight was a village experience to Chickelvaddi – a remote village about thirty kilometers from Nashik. The students had an opportunity to interact with the villagers and put up an educational and cultural program for them. They distributed sugar packets and toiletries to the women and children. Moreover, some time was also spent in cleaning a patch of land for agricultural farming. Indeed our scouts did a marvelous job and only attracted praise for themselves. Each of the brothers-incharge put in their best efforts into making this camp a success.
They say that all good things come to an end, but there isn't any end. In reality, only a new beginning a new point of departure. As the curtains fell on the Scout Camp 2011, one could only witness hope in the eyes of our scouts who were here to make a difference and be catalysts for change in our world today.

Kilbil St. Joseph's High School, College Road, Nashik.
The scouts of Kilbil School had their annual scout Camp in the premises of St. Patrick's Church, Deolali. The troop consisted of twelve brothers and hundred and five scouts of STD. VIII and IX. The theme for the camp was 'Udaan- Soaring High'. The main objective of the camp was to help the students to realize their potential and give free went to their creative energies.
The three days of the camp consisted in a plethora of activities. The students displayed creativity in preparing a range of scout gadgets. Their talents were evidently displayed in the environmental rally competition and face painting competition. Along with other scouting input, the students also learnt to spend time in prayer and reflection, thus not only experiencing a physical rejuvenation but also a spiritual one. They also showed enthusiasm in the treasure hunt around the hills of Deolali.
There were three main highlights of the Camp namely: 1) The visit to the Artillery Museum at the Deolali Artillery Camp, which helped the students appreciate the effort of the armed forces to keep us safe and secure. 2) The Grand Camp Fire or The Scout Nite during which the scouts took a solemn oath to live well in harmony with God and with their neighbour. 3) The talk given to the scouts by Mr. Robin Xavier, the president of the local SVP association of Devlali. Mr. Robin spoke to the students about social charity and the need to take care of the under privileged. The students were very much inspired by this talk and generously contributed together to support the cause.
On the whole, the scout camp was awesome. It was inspiring to see such synergy surging forth among the scouts to complete the tasks given to them and yet hungry for more. The camp left deep impressions on both the minds of the students and the brothers who organized the camp.

St. Lawrence High School, Nashik.
The Scout camp for the students of STD IX of St. Lawrence High School was held at the Railway Quarters, Igatpuri. Seventy seven scouts participated in the camp. The camp was conducted by nine brothers along with teachers Mr. Milind, Mr. Ulhas, Mrs. Fatima and the Headmistress Mrs. Ann.
The bus left the school premises at 8:45 am on December 27. On reaching the camp site the scouts under the supervision of the scout masters pitched the tents. They then had breakfast and this was followed by a session on Flag break. After lunch, the scouts prepared themselves for the quiz conducted by the brothers. In the evening, the scouts put up street plays according to their patrols. The topic of the street play was 'Ecology'. After dinner the brothers taught the scouts some claps, yells and action songs, bringing the day to a fitting end.
The second day of the camp began at 6:30 am with jogging and 'B.P. Six' exercises. The morning was filled with sessions on knots, lashing, first-aid and gadgets. After lunch, a hike was organized on the nearest hill. The scouts came down the hill very tired but happy. After refreshing themselves the scouts prepared for the camp fire which was held soon after dinner. The scouts presented the claps, yell and action songs during the camp fire.
On the morning of the final day of the camp the scouts underwent exams. They prepared well and gave of their very best. After the lunch, there was the prize distribution ceremony wherein the hard work of each and every patrol was rewarded. The vote of thanks recognized the efforts put in by everyone. After clicking some photographs and putting the place in order, the whole troop left for Nashik at 4:00 pm and arrived at the school at 4:45 pm.
Indeed the Scout camp made its mark on those who participated. It was a well-deserved time for education as well as entertainment.

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