Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Christine Pinto
NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE, JANUARY 18, 2012: The Family Ministry of St. Therese's Parish organized "YOU ARE PRECIOUS" programme for the sick who are confined to bed and those who are seventy years and above. The programme was held on January 14, 2012. Twenty four people registered for the programme and turned up on that day. The sick and the aged along with their family members attended the programme.
The Parish Youth members assisted in bringing the sick and the aged to the church. Fr. Lionel Braganza celebrated the Holy Mass and in his homily, he emphasized that the sick and aged are precious to God and to the church. Later, he invited the congregation to offer all their joys and sorrows on the Paten. The choir sang hymns in different languages with the idea of involving the entire congregation. A tableau with a Christmas theme was then presented by the catechism teachers. Fr. Francis Kharjia addressed the participants and gave them a message of hope and joy. The entry of Santa Claus brought a huge smile to the sick and the aged.  An AV presentation by Fr. Franco Pereira on "YOU ARE PRECIOUS" touched the hearts of all present there.
The participants took part in the various games with great enthusiasm. Rosaries which were bought and blessed in Jerusalem were distributed to each one. Later gifts were distributed and snacks were served. All left with a smile on their faces and gratitude in their hearts.
We thank the Don Bosco priests for their support and the various groups for lending a helping hand to make the sick and aged feel that they are truly the "PRECIOUS ONES" in the sight of God.  

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