Wednesday, January 25, 2012


CHHOTAUDEPUR, JANUARY 25, 2012: On January 22, the Parishioners of Muktidayini Mata Parish, Chhota Udepur came together for a day of prayer and togetherness. The theme for the day was F-ather A-nd M-other I L-ove Y-ou.
The parishioners began their day by doing their daily chores, after which they all gathered for the Eucharistic Celebration as one family. Every person present shared their family experiences during the homily. It was really touching to see each of the family heads lighting candles when their marriage prayers were read again. Soon after mass the celebrations started with games and fun. Each family took part in the events wholeheartedly and shared the meal which was prepared lovingly for each other.
This was indeed a moment of togetherness in love and fellowship as One Body of Christ. 

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