Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Bento D'Souza
KHEDGAON, JANUARY 25, 2012: Four hundred and sixty three children participated in the BaL Melava on Sunday, January 22, 2012 from 11 am to 5 pm at BGVK, Khedgaon. They were happy to welcome the guest and visitor from Don Bosco, Bonn, Germany, Ms Roswitha Maus.
The day began, on the dais, with the welcoming of guests: Ms. Roswitha Maus, Frs.  Savio Silveira, Manuel Murzello, Thomas D'Costa and Michael Bansode and other Salesians of the Ahmednagar area. Fr. Jason, from the Bangalore Province, also attended. The local guest was Shri Baraskare, BDO.
Bro Ramesh and Fr Blaise and staff of BGVK were the hosts of the event. The satkar once done, the guests lit the traditional Indian Lamp to begin the day. Fete games entertained the enthusiastic children through the morning. After lunch, each village group presented their ethnic lore and local culture in dance, song, and skit genre. Ms Roswitha Maus appreciated the rich and varied talents of the kids depicted on the stage to the accompaniment of popular soul-tapping Hindi Bollywood Dance music tracks. 
The health workers, who double up as Evening Study supervisors, accompanied and escorted the children in hired vehicles and sat through the entire program from 11am to 5 pm. The children enjoyed the entire day thoroughly. All were grateful to Ms Roswitha for making this special trip to be with them. Ms Roswitha expressed her joyful delight in being present for  the occasion. At the end, Bro Ramesh, the Director of BGVK thanked Ms Roswitha for her valuable time. He also welcomed her to celebrate World Woman's day with the self-help groups of the district in 2013.
Truly, a big Salesian event with the children from thirty villages in Ahmednagar.   

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