Monday, January 30, 2012


Anisha Martis

NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE, JANUARY 30, 2012: St. Therese's parish in the Vicariate of Northern Arabia organized a programme for all the couples married in 2011. The triple objective of this event was to provide spiritual nourishment through the Eucharist; to increase the involvement of the couples in the Parish activities and to foster a fellowship between the couples. This event will be organized every month for couples celebrating wedding anniversaries in the following years.

The programme commenced with Holy Eucharist celebrated by the parish priest.  A power point presentation on 'Effective Communication in Marriage' was screened by the main celebrant who emphasized on how to live a good married life that is pleasing to God. After the Eucharist, we had the fellowship programme. Fr. Joy welcomed all the couples and delivered his inspiring message on marriage and fidelity. This was followed by the distribution of sumptuous snacks.

Thereafter, there was a power point presentation on various activities held in the Parish, so as to invite the young to get more involved in the activities conducted by the church and work in joyful service for God's kingdom.

The games were planned and conducted by Amira and Anisha, assisted by the Family Cell and the Salesian Cooperators. All the volunteers pitched in to ensure a smooth, timely and enjoyable programme. Mr. Edward did a wonderful job with the mike, motivating all the couples to get into the groove. The first game was an ice breaker which involved exchanging of cards while introducing themselves. The next game was the news paper dance which brought the couples close to each other. The last game was finding the Groom, which was very hilarious.

The couples enjoyed themselves and were extremely grateful to the parish for organizing the programme. The next programme will be in the month of February for all the couples who were married in the year 2010.

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