Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Patole Anthony

WADALA, FEBRUARY 01, 2012:  "Bhatki Raho Mai Diklai Prabhu Ka Jyothit naam, Don Bosco, Don Bosco azar amar wo naam" these were the words that echoed during the whole month and especially during the novena of the Saint. On January 20, at 10:00 am the inauguration for the novena took place with a short prayer service at shelter. Each staff were allotted a day to animate the novena for boys at 11:00 am. Each day was animated according to a specific topic like loyalty, love, holiness, and call to holiness etc. from Don Bosco's life. The boys were divided into four teams and were named Rua, Bosco, Savio and Magonne. Apart from the spiritual activity there was football, volleyball, cricket, hockey tournaments, essay and drawing competition. The boys enjoyed every bit of the tournament as there was a lot of fun and frolic. Prayer and entertainment blended together during the Novena.
The feast day Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. William Falcao, Rector in the Shelter hall along with the shelter staff and boys. The Holy Eucharist was trilingual and was well animated by boys with the introduction, reading, prayer of the faithful and singing. The written petitions of the boys from the basket were burnt during the Prayer of the Faithful. Fr. Rector in his sermon highlighted three points from Don Bosco's life, first: his positive attitude towards the various adverse situations of his life, second: true deep joy, and third:  his spirit of hard work.
During the prize distribution the staff and the boys were thanked for their participation and collaboration. T-Shirts were given to each one as a feast day gift. Prizes were awarded to all the winning teams. Team Rua was awarded a prize for their outstanding performance and participation and was declared the winner.  

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