Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Neelam Rodrigues

BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 01, 2012: Our hearts are filled with joy as we just celebrated the feast of our dear patron saint, St. John Bosco. The joy was evident on the faces of all the youngsters present. Holy Eucharist and a prayer service was organised for the Catholics and the students of other faiths respectively. After the holy hour, there was time for music, masti and hungama. Our games master along with our principal had organised some really interesting games for the boys. As they played and kicked the ball, one could hardly miss the excitement that they contained. That is what truly makes them Boscoites!

Another special event that needs a mention is the statue decoration that happens every year. In preparation to the feast, the statue of the saint installed at the entrance is decorated every day by different classes. This year, it was amazing to see the creativity of the parents as well as the students of different classes, as they decorated the statue in some unique ways. There was also a sweet tribute paid to the saint by one class in the form of chocolate decoration.
As we celebrated the feast, may the blessings of Don Bosco dwell in each heart and may the love of the saint spread amongst us.

Long live Don Bosco.

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