Thursday, February 2, 2012


BIS Correspondent

WADALA, FEBRUARY 02, 2012:  'The tranquility of the rainforest is shattered by Twentieth Century Highwaymen destroying large areas of trees for profit.  Horrified Toucans and Macaws witness this demolition and decide to teach these intruders a lesson.  With the lure of even more wealth, they lead them deeper into the forest and show them amazing creatures and plants.  Finally the lesson to be learned is that these jungle treasures can only survive if left alone…' thus read the synopsis of the GREEN musical "The Emerald Crown" staged on the occasion of the Annual day.

The ninety fifth Annual Thanksgiving Day peppered with a touch of green was celebrated on January 28. The Welcome song by our bright and energetic KG section followed the grand and solemn march by the leaders escorting the eminent dignitaries to the venue.  The guests were then accorded a 'green' welcome through the presentation of potted plants replacing the traditional bouquets. The parents, together with our Jr. KG students, then offered tributes to our great God through the dance 'Namaste'.  The Primary students of Stds. I and II took us through the by lanes and the busy streets of Mumbai that culminated with a beautiful rendition of the 'Song of Peace'.  The Annual School report presented by the Headmistress, Ms. Nicole, showcased the grand achievements of the school over the past year.

Our two teachers, Mrs. Doris from the KG section, and Mrs. Padmini Dev – who sought an early retirement this year – were felicitated for the twenty five years of dedicated and committed service in the institution. Each in their own way, contributed to the development of the institution and the growth of the young entrusted to their care.  Proud achievers in academics, sport and general proficiency were honored for their excellence in their respective disciplines.  Interspersed were the speeches by Fr. Godfrey D'Sa, our Rector, and Fr. Savio Silveira, our Chief Guest.  Both made strong statements on the need to preserve our environment from grave destruction if our future generations have to live …and live well. Fr. Savio challenged the staff and students to take decisive steps and concrete initiatives to care for nature in the coming five years leading to hundredyears of the establishment of the institution.

The colorful and bright evening belonged to the magnificent cast that staged the musical 'The Emerald Crown'.  Every staff member and student involved in the musical played their part to perfection.  Breathtaking backdrop and stage sets – the handiwork of our own staff and students, well designed costumes, excellent singing and dance, great acting, and an efficient direction summed up the day's performance.  More importantly, the message conveyed to those present was not lost in the din of the day's excitement and performance. The Principal, Fr. Bernard Fernandes, in his 'Vote of Thanks' put it succinctly: "Let's do it together. We've heard what we have to do.  We've seen what we need to do – make the place a greener place to live in. Now is the time to do it, and together, we can do it!"

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