Thursday, February 2, 2012


Cl. Shaun D'Lima sdb

KAWANT, FEBRUARY 02, 2012: On January 30, 2012, the VEP day (Village Education Program) was held at the premises of Don Bosco Kawant for all the VEP centers of Don Bosco Kawant Institution. There were about two hundred and eighty children (from ten centers) who participated in this event. This event was co-ordinated by Fr. Gregory D'Almeida and the VEP in charge, Mr. Arvind.
The day started with registration and distribution of coupons for all the little children from our VEP centers. After a while there was a prayer service in honor of Don Bosco animated by the Hostel boys of Don Bosco Kawant. During the Prayer Service the Chief Guest Fr. Ranald Lopes motivated the children with his little story, on how it's important to take the first step in doing something good even though you would not be the one to bear it's fruits. The story was about the old farmer who planted a mango tree at the edge of his field. At the end of the prayer service Fr.Gregory D'Almeida welcomed the gathering and thanked each one present for the event.
The fete games were organized by the Scouts of Don Bosco Kawant for the VEP children. The children were thrilled as they went around playing different games and also winning gift coupons.
After the fete games there was the distribution of prizes. From each center there were two prizes given, one for attendance and the other for good performance in their exams. Prizes were also distributed to those who won during the fete games.
Following that was lunch and then a cultural program. Each centre contributed two items to this cultural program. For many children it was their first appearance on a big stage. The children enjoyed the program as they witnessed different dances, plays, songs and mono acts that were performed.
With the end of the cultural program we came to the end of this beautiful day. The children were indeed glad and happy. Some of them were looking forward for the next time we would meet again. The next important event would be a picnic to Baroda.
It was a beautiful experience for the organizers of this event. It made us aware of finding joy in little things as we saw the children enjoy themselves. 

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