Monday, February 6, 2012


Cl. Dinesh Vasava

NARUKOT, FEBRUARY 06, 2012: Don Bosco Narukot celebrated the feast of St. Don Bosco with a unique exuberance by staging the Musical "Prodigal Son" on January 28. The play was directed by Fr. Brian with the assistance of Bro. Damodar as the vital organizer. The main motive of the musical was to make people aware of the "Love of God". Religious, Parents and many company managers were the special invitees for the programme. The Chief Guest of the programmes was Fr. Joseph Mangalam S.J. Who in his speech said that "Don Bosco though poor offered everything for his poor boys for their education and to make them productive and good citizens.
There was a fantastic coordination between the technical, school and development staff. Practically all the technical boys participated; each one did their role in their best possibility. The participants grew in a sense of musical appreciation. They also understood the meaning of hard work and continuous practices.
At the end Bro. Damodar and Fr. Brian thanked all the people who have helped us in various ways.  A special thanks to Bro. Charles for his tireless service for Music.

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