Wednesday, February 15, 2012


NERUL, FEBRUARY 15, 2012: The Sixth Annual Day of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, on February 11, 2012, was an evening to remember. The huge stage built on the school grounds built up expectations of the show being on a larger scale than those in the previous years. Well, those expectations were not only met, but they were surpassed when the show began with the welcome of the Chief Guest, Rev. Fr. Donald Fernandes, the Principal of Don Bosco School, Pune and winner of the prestigious Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award, 2011. In his speech he stressed on how education here is not just of the head but of the hand and heart as well. He advised teachers and parents to take time to understand their children and thus build a strong foundation for their future.
The eloquent anchors led the audience through the programme. As usual after the lighting of the lamp the graceful dancers presented a prayer dance invoking God's blessings on the evening's proceedings. The dignitaries as well as the coordinators were felicitated with floral bouquets. The Annual Report encapsulated the major events and achievements through an effervescent audio-visual. This was followed by the Prize Distribution Ceremony wherein students were awarded certificates for their academic achievements of the past year.
Then came the highlight of the evening, the musical – Alibaba and the forty thieves. The commendable fact was that five hundred and eighty five students from classes I to IX, out of the total strength of eight hundred and fifty two participated in the musical. Every child was trained by the teachers and no professional choreographer was hired.  Every performance, right from the 'Welcome Song' by the Class I students to the Celebration dance at the end was a live testimony to the type of all-round development that a Don Bosco student receives. The peppy numbers like Alibaba, Mustafa, Scintillating Arabian music and others made the audience want to get up and dance too. The confident and superb acting by the cast kept the audience glued to their seats as the narrative unveiled itself right before their eyes. The colourful costumes mesmerized the audience.
Yes, this kind of performance is the fruit of many, many hours of hard tireless work on the part of the Principal, Staff – Teaching and Non – teaching, as well as with the whole-hearted support from the parents. This was acknowledged by the Principal in his Vote of Thanks. The unceasing applause for the Finale was proof that the show was enjoyed by all. Truly it was an Arabian Night Musical to remember. `Alibaba and the forty thieves' will not be easily forgotten in the days to come.

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