Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sarita Vaz

NERUL, FEBRUARY 22, 2012: "Bidding farewell to someone who's very near to you is very difficult" The same thing happened with Don Bosco Senior Secondary School students and the teaching and non-teaching staff as they were forced to bid farewell to one of the dearest classes of the school-our very own Class-X.
The whole programme was well planned by the students of class IX students along with the wise guidance of Trs. Joyce, Daphne, our Manager Fr. Bonnie and Principal Fr. Anthony. The preparations for the programme began well in advance, but there were ups and downs till the last minute .However, when the day arrived all the hard work paid off.
It began with a prayer service conducted by Tr. Joyce, which involved taking the school leaving oath, lighting of candles, intercessory prayers and a blessing ritual wherein every Class X student was blessed by the Manager, Principal and teacher. The main programme consisted of teachers sharing some of their wonderful memories with the students of class-X. a few students of std IX shared theirs experiences with the outgoing batch which brought nostalgic moments. A special band performance was arranged carried the punch line 'Even though it is a Boulevard of Broken Dreams you will always be stuck in our hearts as our Hero'. Later the students of class-X spoke about their experiences in DBSS –both good and bad. This was then followed by a peppy dance put up by the boys of class IX which was a fusion of many foot-tapping songs. A session of games was conducted which included 'Queen of Sheeba, Guess the song, etc.
As you know a programme without melodious singing is incomplete, so we had the girls of class-IX sing a few emotional and heart touching songs which made everyone spell-bound. A fellowship meal for the class X students which was prepared very lavishly marked the end of the programme. The students of class X thanked their juniors for making this day special for them. 

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