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Clint Braganza


MARINE-LINES, FEBRUARY 23, 2012: On February 03- 04 and 06- 07, 2012 the final year students of Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Marine-Lines, Mumbai, experienced something different and special. Fr. Brian along with his team of Clint Braganza and Francis D'Souza at the youth services conducted the "Vibrant Living" program for over 130 final year students of the college. The program spread across 4 days and the girls were divided into two batches.

The program began at 9:00 a.m. on February 03 for the first batch and ended with lunch on February 04. The session for the second batch was from February 06 morning to February 07 afternoon. The one and a half day session was filled with sessions, power points, videos, movies, group discussions and sharing that highlighted the theme in a formative way. Games, action songs and the camp fire not only enlivened the atmosphere but kept the students interested and vibrant for the two days and also later. Displaying the live photographs and videos of the participants (as they participated in the program) on the screen also boosted the spirit of the students.

The students loved the program to such an extent that many of them wanted to enroll in the second batch also. The catholic girls in the group volunteered to come and help out in other different programs organized at DBYS.  

The principal, staff and students were all very grateful to Fr. Brian and his team for the wonderful vibrant living days that they experienced. ''Change we can believe in' was dealt with effectively, inspiring the students to move ahead bravely making a change in self and society.  The students were also left with the message to go out and spread all that they have learnt to their friends and families; this is what will help them grow and live what they have learnt. This was also a great learning experience for the organizing team that was there. The students unanimously asked for another program by the group before they completed from the college.  Everything that was organized was guided by the Spirit of God, hence praise be to God that this was a successful program in bringing youth closer to God.


Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA

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