Monday, February 27, 2012


Donabelle D'Mello
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 27, 2012:  Saturday night is mostly seen as a time for party and fun. February 25, 2012 was no exception! It was joy and fellowship in the real sense and in the name of the true Lord, Jesus. The Youth Night Vigil Service was boosted with a strength of about three hundred hearts longing to get closer to God. The service opened up with Praise and Worship where all voices, both those of youngsters and those young at heart echoed all over.
The first session of the night was on Repentance. The session was conducted by Fr. Allwyn Misquitta who spoke to the gathering on the Seven Deadly Sins and the areas on which one can gradually work on to have a fruitful Lent. The session was advanced further by Fr. Anthony, by reflecting on the Ten Commandments which are a pillar of the Christian Faith.  Fr. Anthony very well explained how every commandment is the foundation for all Christians to live a Christ-like life. Another wonderful resource person was Mr. Adrian, who emphasized the importance of Self-Transformation. Inspiring videos and presentations kept the spirit-filled audience awake all night. To add to all of this, the participants were blessed with the precious presence of our Lord, in the Blessed Sacrament. The adoration service was a source of healing for all, mind, body and soul. The service concluded with a meaningful celebration of the Holy Eucharist which had as its theme, 'Becoming Modern Prophets'. A motivating power-point presentation on the same was delivered by Mrs. Rohini D'Souza.
It indeed was a lovely experience to have people of all ages come from different parts of Mumbai at late hours of the night to spend quality time with the Lord. May we continue to come together under the banner of Christ, living lives reflecting the Love of our God, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Wish you a Spirit- filled Lent.

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