Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Sunita D'Souza
WADALA, FEBRUARY 29, 2012: Wee!! Picnic time for the staff of St. Joseph's was an ideal way to taste the flavour of the new recipes for fun written by the organising team! On February 23, at 2.45 p.m. the staff of St. Joseph's set out for the picnic spot (Uncle's Kitchen) – the spot chosen for the pot pourie of events lined up for the picnic. The teachers played an exciting game of dumb charades in the bus and it was indeed fun to watch each one expressing the power of sign language!
Upon their arrival at UK, Khopoli, and after savouring the piping hot and mouth-watering snacks, the staff felt refreshed and dispersed to their rooms to relax and chill! The indoor games (carrom, table-tennis, volleyball, etc.) tested the psycho-motor skills of the staff members and kept them on tenterhooks as each one tried to master their skill! Towards the later half of the evening, Mrs. Thelma and Ms. Joanna (the teachers-in-charge of the games) took over and kept everyone entertained with their action-packed and exciting games (aimed from head to toe)! Afro-hairstyle with rubber bands, enacting tongue-twisters, safeguarding balloons tied to one's foot, tying of knots (wearing of tie and painting of partner's nails with nail polish) and performing role plays to the beats of drum and music were but a few of the thrilling games that not only electrified the atmosphere but also witnessed the hall reverberate with laughter. After the games, the music invited everyone to groove and burn the dance floor!
The dishes spread out for dinner satiated everyone's taste buds as they drew to the table and partook of the sumptuous dinner prepared for them! After dinner, there was a suspense-filled game of housie following which the staff members spent quality time interacting with each other and then retreated to their rooms for their nap.
The next morning, after breakfast, the staff members took a dip in the pool. The rain dance got everyone in high spirits as they danced with joy in the icy water! It was soon time for lunch and the Chinese delight (dishes) took us for a trip to Chinatown as we relished the taste of Chinese cuisine. A quick round of housie, a brief siesta in the rooms followed by packing of bags signalled the end of our stay at UK, Khopoli.  Before their departure, the staff members posed together for the group snap and the smiles on their faces said it all! We had a splendid and enjoyable picnic at Uncle's Kitchen – the menu of soul-stirring moments will remain etched in our hearts forever! 

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