Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Allan Netto
NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE, FEBRUARY 29, 2012: Sunday, February 26, 2012 was a red letter day in the lives of the freshly inducted altar servers and also in the annals of our parish. This was yet another grand occasion for us, wherein thirty one youngsters were officially inducted as Altar Servers during the Children' mass at 8.30 am.

Those who desired to join the altar servers were invited for the first meeting in the month of September 2011. What followed was intensive fortnightly preparation by a team of animators and senior altar servers teaching our new comers all about altar serving. The preparation included knowledge about the liturgy and other sacred articles which are used for liturgical services. Through the use of props and audio visual means, the animators taught the children the names of the various articles and their use in the liturgical services. Few hours were also spent on training the children on how to assist the priest at the altar.

Although there were many youngsters who were present on the first day of the meeting, only thirty one youngsters were regular for the practices and for the various meetings. These thirty one youngsters were inducted during the children's mass which was packed to capacity.

Since our parish has more than one rite, training in various rites had to be arranged. This was well coordinated by Allan Netto. Christopher Fernandes was responsible to teach the children who belonged to the Latin rite while Alan Roy, Dawn Siji and Savio Reji instructed the children of the Syro-Malabar rite.

We are very grateful to Fr. Blany Pinto, Fr. Joy and Fr. Francis, the Catechism Teachers, the Parents all those who had supported us at every moment. We look forward to the month of April when a few more will join the altar server's ministry.

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