Thursday, March 1, 2012


Sunita D'Souza
WADALA, MARCH 01, 2012: On February 28, 2012, Fr. Savio Silveira, Mr. Alden and Ms. Jessica of the GreenLine team were accorded a warm welcome by the leaders of our school (Stds. V to IX) as they visited the school for yet another presentation and follow up.  A specially prepared power point presentation by the team of leaders together with Mrs. Pavita and Ms. Sunita was screened at the meeting.  This concerned the water crisis faced in many parts of India.  Our students shared the steps taken by us to save water, and spelt out the blue print of our school (which was prepared by the students) on the screen and highlighted the spots (areas) in our school building related to leakages.  They emphasized that this wastage of water was tapped and immediate measures were taken to stop leakages and fix the taps, thus saving water drop by drop! 

Master Meet Prasad was praised for his enthusiasm in taking the initiative to perform the activity 'Cut the Flush' at home and for spreading awareness in his neighbourhood too!  The initiative of our students to empty the excess water from their water-bottles after school into the buckets placed in the corridors that would be later used for cleaning purposes also came in for a special mention.  Akshay and Jay highlighted the steps taken by the 'Water Ambassadors' to check the taps after the short recess and lunch breaks thus making every drop count!  Through a short poem, they brought out the importance of water and the need to save God's precious gift to us – water! The power-point presentation ended with a message formed with the letters 'SAVE WATER'.

Fr. Savio Silveira commended the students and teachers for the presentation and congratulated the staff and the students for all the efforts taken to save water!

Fr. Savio Silveira, Mr. Alden and Ms. Jessica introduced the concept of Energy Efficiency to the students and suggested interesting and creative activities to save electricity in school:

 1.   'BILL FIGHT': Check the electricity bills of the preceding six months and gauge the average usage and cost per month. Discuss different ways to reduce this bill. Draw up 'save energy' rules. Compare the bills before and after we have implemented this activity.  Avoid the use of lights and air-conditioners and instead open windows to let in light and fresh air. Don't put screen savers on the computer.

2.   Awareness campaign: Create widespread implementation of energy conservation.
3.   Film Screening      a) 'The Story of Stuff'
                                    b) 'Slow Poisoning of India'
                                    c) 'One Man One Cow One Planet'
4.   A trip to Recycle Centre.
5.   Celebrate Save Energy Day
6.   Arrange a Sunday Cycle Rally
7.   Carbon footprint:
a)      Calculate your carbon footprint
b)      Identify 'Lifestyle Changes' which can reduce the carbon footprint
c)      Keep a record of your monthly energy expenses.

We have a short time window between the colossal energy waste happening now and the effective measures that can be taken to save future generations.  Hence let's join the banner in saving mother earth by utilizing judiciously the resources at hand. We will never regret it!

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