Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Cl. Patole Anthony
WADALA, MARCH 06, 2012: 'German clowns without borders '– an international group – had its origins in Spain in 1993 and in Germany in 2005. Their mission is to spread happiness where ever possible. They bring smiles and laughter to the children and adults in need, especially the underprivileged. This group of seven (Andrea, Stephen, Alex, Georgia, Christina, Herbert and Monfret) visited Sri Lanka, Thailand Romania, Georgia and now for the first time- India.  In Mumbai they conducted a workshop at Dharavi.
On March 4, 2012 Shelter boys had a two hour workshop between 10am-12pm. The objective of the workshop was to teach the boys entertainment skills of a clown.  These 'German Clowns without Borders' were very efficient in captivating the boys with their talents. The workshop included juggling, sound effects, and actions, reflections, spinning plates and some skills and behaviors of a clown. The boys participated whole heartedly with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.  They were divided into five groups and rotated every fifteen minutes from place to place.
Returning to Don Bosco and having a 'Valdocco experience' is what we hear in the Salesian circles.  This group brought out the 'Valdocco experience' in a small way in Shelter with their tricks of juggling, spinning….Just like Don Bosco. They were able to draw the attention of the children and bring a little bit of a cheer with their skills.
Later in the afternoon, these clowns put up an hour's performance, entertaining the crowd with their juggling, miming, music, clowning, singing, magic tricks etc. They brought in a lot of joy and laughter. Fr. Savio Silveira graced the occasion with his presence. Parishioners from 'Our Lady of Dolours and people from neighboring slums were also present.
Indeed, it was a memorable day. All thanks to the initiative of Fr. Savio Silveria and the group 'German clowns without borders'.

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